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Rosalyn D. Wesley

Rosalyn D. Wesley

Rosalyn Wesley is a globally recognized leader in Human Resources Management and organizational effectiveness. She has worked extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia, and has leveraged her more than 30 years’ experience to lead global Fortune 500 corporations in increasing their value and return on investment to their stakeholders, employees, investors and communities.

Rosalyn is an organizational and human capital leader with a demonstrated track record in providing strategic, measureable high-value solutions that help organizations recruit, select, develop and retain the best workforce and leadership talent. She has been recognized for leading creative initiatives impacting key business metrics, including profitability, cost reductions, revenue, and productivity and employee turnover. Rosalyn’s keen business acumen enables her to help organizations lead and manage change, leverage diversity and inclusion and integrate and align human capital strategies with strategic business objectives and goals.

Rosalyn has coached and facilitated positive behavioral shifts in leaders at all organizational levels, utilizing her unique and engaging approach to help others gain greater insight into their leadership strengths, learning opportunities and interpersonal skills that impact their capability to achieve. She is also a highly sought after workshop leader and popular keynote speaker, known for her thought-provoking, high impact and dynamic presentations. She has shared her expertise on career management, managing change, leadership development, talent management and diversity and inclusion at corporate leadership meetings, professional organizations, universities and colleges, and Corporate Boards of Director meetings. She is the recipient of two U. S. Presidential awards for her work launching creative labor, workforce and workplace literacy initiatives, and in 2013, she was recognized and received an award from the Illinois Diversity Council as one of “Illinois’ Most Influential and Powerful Women”. She has served on numerous non-profit Boards and Advisory Councils, and is currently on the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Board of Directors, serving as its Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Rosalyn is degreed in Political Science and Psychology, and consults and holds certifications in cutting edge behavioral models like “Predictive Index” and “Leading at the Speed of Trust”, and several other assessment instruments. She has been guest author for several publications, and was featured on the cover of HR Executive magazine for recognition by Hay & Associates for “Driving Excellence in People Management”.